Registering to become a User in this e-grant system.  

*Please read the following instrutions BEFORE you complete the resigration process below**

Information from the Wyoming Art Council's old e-grant system  was not transferred to this new e-grant system, so everyone must Sign Up as a new User to apply for grants.  

NOTE:  The following instructions do not apply to individual artists who are going to register as a User.  Skip down to the FIRST NAME field and fill in all required fields on this page.  Be sure to click NO on the "Would you like to associate this user account with an organization?" question and then click on the SUBMIT button.

The USER NAME you register with below can never be changed, so it should be generic to the role the User plays,  i.e. grant manager, and not contain personal information for the person who is registering.   All of the other fields should contain information about the individual User, and can be updated at any time.

 Registering as a new User:

  • Each User is tied to the applicant organization via the organizations Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  An FEIN can only be registered in this e-grant system one time, i.e. when the first User registers.   
  • If an organization is going to have several different Users submit applications to the Wyoming Arts Council, it is critical that the person whose is primarily responsible for grants be the first person to register as the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER, because all subsequent people who register with the organizations FEIN will be tied to the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER User account.   
  • The e-grant User structure is set up in a parent/child relationship, i.e. the first User is the parent, and all subsequent Users are the child.
  • After the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER has registered as a User, all subsequent Users can register one of two ways.
    • If you are a small arts organization, we recommend that the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER User adds all additional new Users as NON PRIMARY ACCOUNTS.  DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVERS can do this from their MY ACCOUNT/MANAGER USERS screen (icon looks like a head/shoulders), so that the additional Users are tied directly to their main User account.  
    • If you are a larger organization with multiple departments  (i.e. the University of Wyoming and Community Colleges), then we recommend that the main User from each Department register as a INDIRECT RECEIVER.  
    • School Districts should have the staff member who handles grants register as the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER.  We can no longer accept applications from individual schools, so school representatives will need to contact their School District to discuss the art project grants that they would like to persue during the coming fiscal year.  This will allow the School District to roll all of the projects into one application.. Individual schools can choose to register one of two ways:
      • Have the School District (DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER) register each school as a NON PRIMARY ACCOUNT User, so that all additional Users are tied directly to the main DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER User account, OR
      • The school can register as an INDIRECT RECEIVER User.
    • After an INDIRECT RECEIVER registers, they will receive a message telling them that they must contact the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER, who has to give them permission to become a User. If an INDIRECT RECEIVER does not contact the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER, they will not be able to submit a WAC application. 
    • The grants office at the University of Wyoming and all seven Community Colleges have already registered as the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER, so each individual Department can now register as an INDIRECT RECEIVER. Here is an example of the DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER and the INDIRECT RECEIVER relationship:
      • The University of Wyoming's Research & Economic Development (UWRED) is responsible for monitoring all University of Wyoming grants.
        • One of their staff has registered as the first User and selected DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER.  
        • Then they went to the MY ACCOUNT tab (icon looks like a head/shoulders)  and selected MANAGE USERS to add their UWRED staff as NON PRIMARY ACCOUNT Users, so they are tied to the UWRED User account.. 
        • When a staff member from one of the other University of Wyoming departments, i.e. the Music Department (MD), wants to apply for a grant, they will register as a INDIRECT RECEIVER.  After they register, they have to notify the UWRED DISTRIBUTOR/DIRECT RECEIVER,, so they can go to their MY ACCOUNT TAB and select MANAGE USERS to give permission to the MD INDIRECT RECEIVER  to complete their registration process. 
        • After the MD is registered as an INDIRECT RECEIVER,  they can go to their MY ACCOUNT tab (icon looks like a head/shoulders)  and select MANAGER USERS to add their MD staff as NON PRIMARY ACCOUNT Users, so they are tied to the MD User account.
        •  If you have questions about registering, contact the Wyoming Arts Council at (307) 777-7742 before you start the registration process

Usename can never be changed so it should be generic to the position of the person who normally applies for grants, i.e. grantmanager
Minimum of 8 characters (case sensitive), 1 uppercase letter, 1 numeric character and 1 symbol (we recommend using @ in the middle of password)

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